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The safest destinations to travel to in 2020

The new Travel Risk Map, published by International SOS, highlights the riskiest countries for travel but also the most peaceful. So many ideas for destinations to promote in travel agencies!

Published by International SOS, the Travel Risk Map allows you to see at a glance the world’s hot spots. But the map also distinguishes between countries with a level of risk considered “insignificant” or “low,” whether in terms of political unrest, terrorism, violence, or health risks. Only a few countries are included in this so-called “insignificant” risk category, presented below by region.


The United States and Canada are at low risk, as are Cuba and most of the Caribbean islands. In Central America, only Panama and part of Costa Rica are classified as “low” risk. In South America, the risk is low for Ecuador, with the Galapagos Archipelago, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Suriname, and French Guiana.


Not surprisingly, Europe is the most peaceful continent in terms of risks. The Nordic countries are true to their reputation as they are all classified in the “insignificant risk” category, except for Sweden, which keeps its risk “low.” The countries of the European Union are also classified as “low” risks, as are the Eastern European countries and the Baltic States. However, the further east we move, the more risks increase, particularly in Kosovo, around the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and in Ukraine, which is classified as “medium” level risks. It should be noted that Turkey is classified as a “medium” risk.


China is split in two. The East and the South are low-risk parts and the North-West with a “medium” risk level. Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Bhutan, and the Maldives are well ranked, with low risk. Note the different situation in Malaysia, with a “medium” risk area around Kuala Lumpur and another high-risk area in the North, while the rest of the country does not pose a particular problem. There is also nothing to report for Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia, with a similarly low level of risk.

Africa And The Middle East

Countries with “low” risk are the exception in the Maghreb and Africa. They are limited to 10: Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Gabon, Rwanda, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Malawi. Besides, there is the North of Morocco.

In the Middle East, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and Jordan stand out from their neighbors by their peaceful character and infrastructure. Note the favorable ranking of Iran: most regions of the country do not present any particular risk. Good point also for Uzbekistan, a famous touristic destination with a risk described as “low.”

weed in california

California Cannabis Tours

Even though cannabis tourism in California is still in its budding infancy, it is as abundant as the diverse Golden State itself. The same spirit that has always driven food and wine enthusiasts to California now drives cannabis enthusiasts to explore the activities and adventures that showcase this intoxicating plant with its heady culture and promising future.

Beyond the typical tourism activities that offer programs for tourists to immerse themselves into these cultures temporarily, entrepreneurs and businesses alike are rushing to create cannabis-centric experiences for eagerly awaited visitors. Here are some of the exciting cannabis-infused California style vacation destinations with something for everyone interested in finding out more about the outlaw to law journey of cannabis, the most famous crops in the area, and super cool new products.

The Emerald Triangle

welcome to caliThe remote and rugged counties of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity can arguably be said to grow the most famous cannabis crops in California where the legendary cannabis plant has always been revered for its quality and potency. The trip commences in Hopland, Emerald Pharms. Enjoy vaping and yoga on the deck surrounded by vernal ponds and redwoods.

Based in Arcata, Humboldt Cannabis Tours will take you to small outdoor cannabis farms, behind the scenes at cannabis-oil production facilities, and inside dispensaries. Certain landowners of private properties allow visitors to smoke cannabis from some of Humboldt’s top crops.

The best place to stay is at Feeling Groovy on Eagle Creek Ranch, California’s first fully-fledged cannabis resort. Situated in Trinity Center on a gold rush era property it features a daily cannabis bar as well as wellness and education programs. Plan your trip around Humboldt events like the Cannifest in Eureka during April where judged glass and cannabis competitions are held as well as discussion panels and games like a growing medium pebble toss. In November the Golden Trap Awards are held in Redway that highlights greenhouse growing. At Hempfest growers and activists gather in November at the community center that was built from pot money.

The Coachella Valley

Renewed interest in cannabis has revitalized some of the hot spring hotels of the region and those aging, mid-century resorts popular with leathery sun lovers and Europeans in the past. Areas like Desert Hot Springs, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and Cathedral City are booming with large grow facilities, high-end dispensaries, and cannabis-friendly resorts that belie their sun-bleached, barren surroundings. Resorts like the O Resort & Spa, Desert Hot Springs Inn, and Living Waters Spa offer guests a place by the pool where they can vape and smoke outside as smoking is not allowed in the rooms. Find more Cannabis news by visiting

Hicksville Pines

In the San Jacinto Mountains, just an hour’s drive from Palm Springs lies a cluster of colorful chalets called Hicksville Pines. No smoking is allowed inside the cottages but one of the chalets, decorated stoner style, has an in-room vaporizer available.

Plan your trip around high-end cannabis-inspired outdoor dinner events held near Joshua Tree and hosted by High Dining with well-crafted menus including pot-infused fare.

Nine tips to get upgraded at the hotel

There’s no guarantee you’ll get an upgrade, but there are still some things that may give you a chance to get more for your money, when traveling.

Here is a list of tips to help you get upgraded.

Before booking

– Book a new hotel. As all hotels try to build a loyal customer base, new hotels sometimes tend to outperform their first customers in the hope that they will be tempted to return or share their experience with their loved ones.

– Be loyal. Try to be a loyal customer to an establishment or, at least, to a chain. Become a member of its loyalty program and don’t forget to mention your number when booking. Once there, do not hesitate to assert your membership status. If the hotel has no frequent flyer program, point out when booking that this is your second or third visit, even if the hotel keeps track of previous stays.

– Book in the right way. Some intermediaries promise an upgrade or a particular benefit (free lunch, welcome drink, etc.) if they make the reservation. If not, it is better to book directly with the establishment. The latter will be more likely to offer you an upgrade if he or she does not need to pay a percentage to an intermediary.

– Talk about it. If you have a good presence on social networks, don’t hesitate, even before you arrive, to share your excitement about your upcoming stay by identifying the hotel in your publication. You never know!

Once at the hotel

– Be polite. An arrogant customer or one who believes that everything is due to him or her can say goodbye to his or her chances of being upgraded once he or she gets to the hotel. Politeness does not always pay, but it is the basis for any attempt to upgrade.

– Register at the right time. Would some hours be more favorable to an upgrade than others? Considering that the hotel reception often experiences a high level of check-in traffic between 4:45 pm and 6 pm, it is better to arrive just before but not too early. If you come too early, the number of rooms already ready may be limited, so you are unlikely to be upgraded. If you arrive late at night, the hotel will already allocate the majority of rooms.

– An occasion to celebrate? A birthday, a honeymoon, a wedding anniversary… Feel free to mention the particular reason for your visit when booking.

– Opt for discretion. When you arrive at the hotel, be discreet if you request an upgrade. The staff certainly does not want to comply with your request and that all the other customers waiting behind you ask for the same thing afterward.

– Ask to see other rooms. If you enter your room and you are not satisfied, go back to the reception immediately to let them know (politely, of course) of your disappointment and ask to see other rooms available. The staff may be able to accommodate you to satisfy you.

Monaco Grand Prix: a real attraction for tourists

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most popular sporting events attracting tourists in the world. During the four days, all the cameras are turned towards the Principality, not only for the competition but also for the atmosphere and the spectacle that there is around. This year’s not-to-be-missed rendezvous from 24 to 27 May.

Formula 1 is considered to be the premier category of motorsport. Every year, seven million people attend the races and spend much money on it. The Monaco circuit is one of the oldest, designed in 1929, and one of the three most prestigious races in the world. The city welcomes an average of 100,000 visitors each year to this flagship event, attracting more tourists than many other sports such as a rugby world cup, or even a champions league final. However, what makes this race different from all the others?

The only real Grand Prix in town!

Regarding logistics, the Monaco Grand Prix is an exception. Located in the heart of the city, the circuit follows the same routes as those used by motorists all year round. The construction of the circuit begins seven weeks before the start of the competition; only the Casino square is arranged at the last moment so as not to hinder the access of tourists. With the development work, traffic in the city became “difficult,” new signage, blocked roads, the setting up of bleachers, all these factors upset the daily lives of Monegasque residents.

Not forgetting, of course, the massive arrival of tourists: from 35,000, the population rises to almost 200,000 people over a weekend, which has an impact on travel. To avoid these frequent slowdowns, many inhabitants leave the city to find peace elsewhere. Some of them take advantage of this period to rent their apartments. The circuit being in the heart of the city, certain buildings benefit from privileged visibility, for which the tourists are ready to pay very expensive.

The “Monegasque” show and business

Monaco has become the most expensive city in the world. More than a tourist magnet, it’s a fortune magnet! Moreover, attending the Monaco Grand Prix is not given to everyone. The accommodation, the places, and the standard of living, everything is out of price, that makes that this spectacle attracts not only tourists but also much money.

Not far from the circuit, the yachts encumber the port, so much so that many ships anchor offshore. The Hotel de Paris, ideally situated opposite the Casino, is packed. The bars and clubs on the port, off the circuit, also take advantage of their location to make maximum profits, where a place for testing reaches 300€ or more. Around the competition, one breathes luxury, abundance, and a festive atmosphere sometimes takes over the race, which very quickly becomes a pretext to make an escapade in the Principality.

having fun in the sea

Underwater escape, the worldwide phenomenon

It mixes discovery, innovation, emotion, pleasure, conviviality… Diving seduces each year new followers. The incredible success of the show, which opens its doors on Friday in San Fransisco and celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Some come from far, far away to participate if starts tomorrow at Porte de Versailles and where are expected, until its closing Monday evening, January 15, nearly 60.000 overexcited visitors. Underwater photographer and co-founder of the Mokarran brand, Vincent Truchet will arrive from Polynesia, suitcases loaded with tee-shirts and sweat-shirts with the likeness of his favorite models: sharks-tigs or hammers, humpback whales, turtles, manta rays. Still, on the Pacific side, a delegation from New Caledonia will also be there to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the classification of its lagoons as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Egypt will defend its color, red for a sea among the most prized by immersion lovers. But this underwater world tour cannot be completed without a stopover in the Mediterranean. After red, blue. The one in which one gets lost, caught up by its depth, its mysteries and the memory of a cult film. Remember. The Cyclades, Sicily… Jean-Marc Barr played Mayol, little Jacques. Reno was camping Enzo Maiorca, his eternal rival, and friend. Rosanna Arquette capsized, and with her, a whole generation plunged into Le Grand Bleu. It was thirty years ago, another anniversary to celebrate in 2018…

Today, scuba tanks are smaller and lighter.

Underwater escapeAnd the Neoprene to adjust to the size of the naiads, always more numerous to throw themselves into the water.

Today, scuba tanks are smaller and lighter. And the Neoprene to adjust to the size of the naiads, always more numerous to throw themselves into the water. For several years now at the Diving Show, equipment manufacturers have been competing with each other to showcase their creations. Molded mannequins in their suits demonstrate. A real fashion show! Alongside historical brands such as Aqualung, founded in 1942 by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan, newcomers such as Calypso, which offers tailor-made combinations modeled in 3D, combining performance with impeccable aesthetics, are just a few examples.

The presence of the great names of the diving world is one of the keys to the success of this great mass of the discipline. Visitors find here the unique opportunity to meet, around exhibitions, conferences, film screenings or simply a glass, those who make them dream.

A diver watches killer whales in Mauritius.

Each of these significant meetings is an opportunity to make the general public aware of the need to preserve the oceans, a leitmotiv that is echoed by tour operators, whose role is crucial in spreading messages about the right attitudes to adopt underwater. A trophy, awarded by Longitude 181, rewards the most deserving.

In 2017, Ultramarina won it. “Those who have been diving for twenty or thirty years have seen the quality of the underwater environment deteriorate,” explains Gérard Carnot. Mentalities have changed a lot and today divers are particularly respectful. It is not uncommon to see palanquées coming up to the surface, arms loaded with garbage collected at the bottom!”

New travel expectations

True ambassadors of the seas and oceans who also have new travel expectations. “The days when scuba divers, the hard-core and the hard-core, used to set sail commando-style on rotten rafts and stay in dingy hotels are over,” says the tailor-made tour operator. The new generations have often discovered the practice on the occasion of a more traditional voyage and wish to continue to skim the seas in reasonable conditions of comfort and while allowing themselves time for land explorations, cultural visits.

restaurants in downtown san francisco ca

How to find the best restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area

How to find the best restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area
Known for its Iconic Golden Gate Bridge, appealing Victorian properties and its year-round foggy weather, San Francisco Bay area is the perfect place to have a good time.

The city is also home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Whether you love Asian foods, exotic meals, fast food and more, the assortment of restaurants in the area is amazing. The following are some tips for you to consider:


Ask around

You might have to ask around for tips on the best restaurants in the area. In particular, you may have to consult with locals or any individual who is conversant with the local eating spots. Ensure that you probe for all the high-quality restaurants and if possible write them down on a notebook. If you have a Smartphone, you can type in the location and use your GPS to locate the restaurant.

Use the internet

Best restaurants today can be easily found online. For this reason, ensure that you also conduct the search process online. In this way, you can be able to find the best restaurants in San Francisco. Even more, there are various websites online that provide information on these top eating spots. Draft down a list of some of your preferred ones, and visit each of them to determine whether they have high-quality foods.

Check in local listings and publications

view of the golden gate bridgeAnother good recommendation would be to check for the best restaurants in publications and local listings. This includes any local magazines, billboards, newspapers and more. Most high-end eating spots will often post their services in such listings to reach to their clients. Once you come across such a post, ensure that you list down the basic information such as contact and addresses.

Tour the city

Consider taking a cab around the city and search for good restaurants yourself. While the city covers a large area, it won’t take long before you can find some good eating spots. Even more, the cab prices are also reasonable, and it’s a convenient mode of transport.

Top restaurants

Here are some of the top restaurants for you to consider:

Fog Harbor Fish House

This a local pier 39 restaurant that provides the perfect waterfront eating experience. Enjoy top class views of the San Francisco Bay area and the Golden bride as you enjoy your meals. Their roster includes meats and seafood-based meals.

Kokkari Estiatorio

This downtown restaurant has been a local favorite for many years. Their menus mainly comprise of meats, vegetables, cuisines and more. The area also has a unique Greek-inspired design and an ultra chic dining area filled with fashionable crowds. Even more, they have some best natural juices and smoothies available in the San Francisco Bay area.


In summary, San Francisco Bay area is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Gaining access to a good restaurant is simple, and you only need to conduct some basic research. This way, you can enjoy the best meals in the city while simultaneously having a good time.

perth skyline from King Parks

Best Attractions in Perth West Australia

Perth in Western Australia offers a lot of fun activities for tourists to do. There is beautiful weather, open countryside, and many great attractions. There is so much to do and see in Perth that a person may not have enough time to do it all.

Bubble Soccer

This game is popular in Europe and is now becoming popular in Perth as well. In this game, players put on a plastic ob. The legs are free, so they can still run and move around. The goal of the game is to get into the opposing teams’ net. A player has to try to knock other players down along the way. The huge orb will protect them from getting hurt while adding a level of challenge to this game.

Perth Zoo

This zoo is home to spectacular gardens as well as natural exhibits. This zoo is home to more than 1,200 different animals that come from around the world. A person can even go on a safari in this zoo. They can get close to some of the animals and even pet a Galapagos Tortoise.
There are some different presentations and so much to learn about the animals.

Adventure World

This is a theme park as well as a water park in Perth. There is a funnel waterslide as well as the steepest and tallest tornado slide on all of the planet. There are over 25 different rides. This park is also home to the largest rollercoaster in Australia. There are the Kahuna Fall attraction and water slide. This park has something for everyone include rides for children as well as rides for thrill seekers.

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is one of the oldest gold mines in the world. It is still fully operational. A person can get a look at the largest collection of gold on the planet. This mine offers to take visitors on a tour and show them how gold is processed and refined. A person will also get to see gold and golden bars as well as a collection of golden nuggets. The Perth Mint Website

Entrance Perth Mint Building
Entrance Perth Mint Building

Swan Bell Tower

This tower is one of the largest musical instruments in the world. It is located right on the Swan River. A person can take a tour of the tower and get a look at how it works and how it makes music. After visiting the tower, they can sit by the river and listen to the music.

Caversham Wildlife Park

a rare species of white kangaroos
A rare species of white kangaroos

This wildlife park will allow a person to see the natural creates that wander the Australian outback. A person can get up close and personal with the kangaroos and take a look at creatures such as the wombat. There are trails to walk through, and a person can enjoy an interactive zone. They can watch a sheep being sheared and even feed a baby lamb a bottle.

These are just some of the great things to do while visiting Perth. This area has so much to do and see that a person will find plenty of activities to make their trip enjoyable.

the snowy mountains in NSW

New South Wales Australia in an Incredible Destination


Sydney is known as the largest city in Australia and regularly is mistaken as the capital of the red continent. It is the most famous city in Australia thanks to its outstanding icons such as the bridge of the Bay of Sydney (Sydney Harbour Bridge) and the Opera House.

South Coast

Here you will certainly find more than 30 across the country parks, aquatic reserves, culture browse and an abundant Aboriginal history. From Sydney South to the border with Victoria, develop a series of bays beside villages with a fascinating history and outdoors markets. Not losing out on the dolphins, migrating whales, seals and other water life.

Snowy Mountains

The green and clear snow-capped mountains are the greatest in Australia with a vehicle is possible to visit this natural reserve which is the house of the most magnificent mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko, and other parks like the Wadbilliga, Deua and Namadgi.

North Coast

From the central coast north of Sydney to the Queensland border, is the most considerable area of subtropical forests along with mountains and volcanoes. Many beaches where to browse, and see whales and dolphins influence artists, authors and music from all over Australia.

Amazing Lord Howe island

Lord Howe Island

The Lord Howe Island is located in the Tasman Sea, less than 2 hours flight from Sydney or Brisbane. This island, thus many others in Australia, lies in the World Heritage list and is a perfect location for those seeking to unwind considered that merely 400 visitors permitted each day.


This region is valued for its historical value considering that been aboriginal settlements in it countless years back. It is here where they discovered the remains of the ‘Mungo Auhombre’ Au, more than 40 thousand years and according to some theories, the earliest ancestor of guy.

nature and trekking

Essential Camping Equipment for your Trip

If you are about to head out on your first camping trip, you probably need some advice about the essential equipment that you are going to need to take with you. Here is a simply guide to all of the essential pieces of kit that you will require.


get your backpacks ready for an adventureThe most visible piece of equipment you are going to need is a camping tent. You should choose the right one to meet your needs. For example, if you are backpacking, you will probably require a lightweight, highly portable, pop-up tent whereas if you are travelling in a larger group in a vehicle, you may prefer a multi-roomed family sized tent. If you are on a budget, we recommend you check the best ozark trail tents from What Camping Tent. Choose the best tent for the environment that you will be camping in – for example, you will need better ventilation if you are heading to a hot or humid destination while an adequate waterproofed fly is essential if you are moving to a rainy climate.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags for every member of your party is a camping essential. Choose the right weight for the environment that you will be travelling in so that you won’t be too hot or too cold. You can make a choice between the mummy or more traditional bag style.

Mattresses or Camp Beds

If you want to ensure your sleeping comfort on your trip, you will want to take either a camp bed or inflatable mattress to put under your sleeping bag. An inflatable mattress will take up less room, and there are different methods of inflation from standard blow up options to self-inflating choices.

Cooking Equipment

bonfire in the woods - USA NPIf you are planning on preparing your food during your trip, you will need some form of cooking equipment. Whether you opt for a portable barbeque or camping cooker, you will need to ensure you have sufficient fuel and also pots, pans, cutlery, serving equipment and accessories like can openers to produce meals. You will also want to take a cooler so that you can keep milk and other perishables fresh.


Unless you are planning on going to sleep as soon as you have returned to your tent for the night, you will require a lantern. There are many different camping lanterns available, most of which have some way of fixing them to the interior of the tent so that maximum light can be obtained.


If you are travelling in a vehicle, you will probably want to take some furniture with you to make your trip more comfortable. There are plenty of camping chairs and tables available that will make dining simpler and also will give you somewhere to sit other than on the floor when you are relaxing.

Water Carriers

You will need some way of carrying water back to your tent, so a water carrier and a basin are essential pieces of equipment.

Clothing and Accessories

Although you will want to travel light when you are camping, it is important to take the right clothing for the weather. Make sure that you have something waterproof as well as a warmer jacket for cool nights.


Things to consider when you travel to Australia

Many individuals are now opting to relocate to Australia, as it is a varied nation that offers a broad range of natural spots of charm, in addition to an incredible shoreline that is over 35,000 km in length. The country also features a selection of attractive cities, and these consist of spectacular high-rise buildings, as well as a diverse range of culture and arts to be delighted in. One will also discover a broad variety of nationalities in the cities and will be able to take pleasure in many different activities, as well as a large option of bars and restaurants to delight in.

Our Tips

australia-amazing-coastlineOne of the primary factors regarding why individuals opt to travel to the country is because it offers a broad range of pleasurable environments. These environments can vary from tropical in the areas that are north east of the nation, through to warm climates that are based in the south-east of the nation.

When you travel to Australia, it is necessary to consider a number of factors so that you can make the most of your experience in the nation. Investing in travel insurance coverage is an essential thing to think about as you may encounter trouble when you are in the country, and it will be a good idea to have travel insurance coverage as a backup. It can also be a smart idea to take a look at the working visas and holiday visas that might be needed, depending on your place. The nation states that everyone who is a visitor to the country will have to have a Visa, other than those that are Brand-new Zealanders.

The advantages of using money in Australia is that credit cards and debit cards are accepted throughout the nation. Nevertheless, if you are traveling from a different country, it can be a great idea to secure some Australian cash as well. The primary language that is spoken in the nation is English, but there are likewise other languages that are likewise spoken too.

Renew your Working Holiday Visa and enjoy Australia for another year!

It can be actually difficult to head back home after a fantastic gap year experience as a backpacker and working holiday visa holder in this lovely nation. There are numerous backpackers and travelers who want to extend their stay to further take pleasure in the experiences that this nation has to provide. There are lots of activities and this nation is full of things to find whether you are in for the terrific landscapes, the animals and plants or the native culture. A gap year in Oz is the very best experience one can have as a young tourist!

It is possible to renew your Working Holiday Visa for another year to offer you every opportunity to redo a year loaded with memories and memorable experiences. You just need to understand that such renewal satisfies particular conditions in order to confirm your application.
The 3 month or 88 days duration

The one and only way to extend your visa for an additional year in Australia is to work for three months in an eligible location that matches certain regions picked by the government. In fact, these three months must be an overall of 88 days exactly. Throughout those 88 days, schedules might be added. In reality, you will need to travailler en Australie from 7 to 9 hours of work each day to reach the 88 days. You can likewise integrate several jobs at the same time to confirm these three months and meet the criteria to be qualified for a Second year visa renewal.


kata-tjuta-national-parkQualification is also a vital thing to think about. This has nothing to do with you, but rather the areas and trades bodies that receive a visa renewal. Hence, trades that enable backpackers to be eligible for a renewal of a Working Holiday Visa remain in the field of farming, fishing, livestock, building and the mining industry.
To tell the truth, the individual may combine the 3 months of work by operating in all these various locations. It is totally up to you to arrange your activity according to your journey.

In addition, the particular locations in which you can perform these jobs are listed on the website of the Australian immigration. You should know that the areas which are not considered as rural are the most appealing one … Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong and then the Greater Brisbane and the Gold Coast, then Melbourne and environments and finally Perth its surroundings and the Australian Capital Area. You won’t be able to enjoy the nightlife on the gold coast and work for your visa renewal … But do not stress, this nation has much more to offer.

The procedure

The treatment is nearly the like for your very first working holiday visa application.

To renew your working holiday visa, you need to remain in excellent standing with your Passport and ensure it stands for at least a couple of years. You can restore the treatment while on the Australian territory. I you are still in Australia after completion of your stay, the 2nd year will be renewed right away. The Australian authorities might ask you to go through a medical assessment consisting of an x-ray at your cost. Likewise, you can run the procedure outside the territory. In this latter case, it will be the same process as the very first time.

kangaroo-staring at tourists

More to come on the great land Down under!


High-end And Low-cost Hotels In Australia

Visitors are flocking to experience the essence of the stunning regions of the island continent are spoilt with the contemporary high-ends and comforts embodying Australia hotels. We bring to you some of the finest classification hotels in Australia-ranging from high-end hotels to inexpensive hotels.

A nation-continent

karratha-Western-AustraliaThe sixth largest country in the world, Australia is replete with magnificent beaches, spectacular islands, vibrant corals, verdant forests and enigmatic deserts. A cosmopolitan skyline harmoniously blends with nature’s bounties. With a population of 17.5 million and the most significant island nation of the world, Australia encompasses an area of 2.97 million square miles, which equals to that of the United States.

Some of the finest hotels in Australia lie in its capital Canberra and other cities such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney. Whether you wish to take in the beauty of the island nation or spend endless hours at the sun-drenched beaches, the preferably situated Australia hotels will always bring you near the splendid attractions. Dotting the shoreline mainly, the cosmopolitan cities of Australia evoke a vintage beauty of Europe and share a love for food and sports. Check out among the top-notch Australia hotels and take directed tours from your address of stay. Check out the huge number of Australia hotels below.

Booming travel industry

With 10s of thousands of business tourists and tourists thronging the city every year, Canberra boasts an umpteenth number of high-end hotels, business hotels, store hotels and spending plan hotels. Get the most authentic info about Canberra hotels and tourist attractions right here.

The finest names amongst the top Canberra hotels in Australia are Novotel Canberra Hotel, Best Western, The Parklands Hotel Canberra, Crowne Plaza Canberra Hotel and lots of others. Most of these hotels enjoy a close access to the Parliament Home, National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Australia, National Fish tank, Australian Wild Animals Sanctuary, Questacon and much more!

Canberra, Sydney or the ‘Harbour City’ form the metropolitan center in Australia. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Olympic Park, Luna Park, Sydney Tower and other destinations tempt tourists from far and near.

Exotic museums, galleries, historical attractions and wildlife sanctuaries have ended up being tourist hotspots. Tourists visiting Sydney to see these noteworthy landmarks can avail of comfy and luxurious amenities at the variety of hotels. From high-end to cheap hotels, Sydney provides you a broad classification of lodging options. Park Hyatt Hotel, Grand Mercure Apartments, Shangri-La Hotel, Ibis Sydney Airport Hotel sit alongside Aarons Hotel Sydney and other low-cost hotels in Sydney in Australia.

You will get discount rates on your cottage by reserving online. Get online discount rate hotel reservation and make a booking for your cottage right away!


San Francisco City Discovery

San Francisco city, the City by the Bay, is home to outstanding experiences even for individuals with diverse cultures. It features spectacular views, unique attractions, activities, and warm and welcoming native people. It is because of its outstanding features and atmosphere that it has been nicknamed “The Paris of the West,” “Fog City” as well as “The city that knows how.” The city is full of fun activities, fun natives, as well as comes with a memorable and rich history. This city has gained popularity as a tourist destination. Visit the parks, take a cruise, or see the famous Golden Gate Bridge, there is so much to explore and expand on your adventure as you unlock the mysteries of the city.


Alcatraz Prison IslandSan Francisco city comes with a rich history that is captivating. The city has captured its history and preserved it in a welcoming way to share it with visitors. To meet this purpose, it features outstanding and state of the art museums and an Exploratorium. These have gathered the rich history of the city and put it under a roof for visitors to understand what the city has offered and sacrificed since time memorial. With the advancement in technology, the city has been able to preserve its monuments as well as its culture in an effort to mark their background.


Located on the west coast of the United States, its terrain is diverse and varied. On one end, the hills cannot go unmentioned whereas the other end is covered with water. It is also surrounded by Islands such as the Alcatraz, Treasure Island, Yerba Buena Island. There are also surrounding islands that touch the city but are not a part of the city. It offers memorable images through photography with its diverse geography and landscape. The beauty of its geography is natural with green vegetation. The main town is also not just about buildings. The waters offer much more than a sightseeing venture.

Art and Culture

san-francisco-piersThe natives of the city are warm and welcoming to visitors. San Francisco diversity in their music, film, as well as culture. These have played a key role in branding the city across the globe. Conserving these features are museums, festival, as well as musicals. The infrastructure is second to none and one can easily distinguish the style and structure of their architecture. One critical factor to take note of is the streets capes, which contribute to positioning the city as the second most walkable cities for both visitors and the locals. The nightlife is active portraying the fun side of the city.

For all art lovers, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is holding to some great pieces of art. With its expansion, there is bound to be more reason to portray the art of the city. Sports are part of the culture, and if you are into baseball and American football, you will love AT & T Park and Levi’s Stadium. Also, accommodation comes with the cultural architecture with a touch of technological innovation.


The city’s climate is characterized by moist, mild winters and dry summers, so there is nothing to top visitors from visiting all years round. The changes are mild, and this provides different activities. The Pacific Ocean’s cool currents play a major role in dictating the climate. The variations in climate are at the minimal across the year. This type of climate makes it ideal for taking part is several activities across the city and provides for an excellent view with some of the most amazing reflections from the sun.

San Francisco City is seeking to redefine travel and leisure. With several activities going on in the town, it is recommended that you exploit all the possible opportunities. The city has a rich history; the climate is mostly accommodative through the year with slight changes but still great for tourists. It is diverse, and there is just enough for something no matter what your needs, likes, and preferences. Even for the locals or international visitors, there is always something to make your stay worthwhile. It is not limiting to the cuisines and overall welcome of visitors by locals, but it extends to the accommodation package they offer. Travel by  train systems and feast your eyes on the very best of San Francisco.