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California Cannabis Tours

Even though cannabis tourism in California is still in its budding infancy, it is as abundant as the diverse Golden State itself. The same spirit that has always driven food and wine enthusiasts to California now drives cannabis enthusiasts to explore the activities and adventures that showcase this intoxicating plant with its heady culture and promising future.

Beyond the typical tourism activities that offer programs for tourists to immerse themselves into these cultures temporarily, entrepreneurs and businesses alike are rushing to create cannabis-centric experiences for eagerly awaited visitors. Here are some of the exciting cannabis-infused California style vacation destinations with something for everyone interested in finding out more about the outlaw to law journey of cannabis, the most famous crops in the area, and super cool new products.

The Emerald Triangle

welcome to caliThe remote and rugged counties of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity can arguably be said to grow the most famous cannabis crops in California where the legendary cannabis plant has always been revered for its quality and potency. The trip commences in Hopland, Emerald Pharms. Enjoy vaping and yoga on the deck surrounded by vernal ponds and redwoods.

Based in Arcata, Humboldt Cannabis Tours will take you to small outdoor cannabis farms, behind the scenes at cannabis-oil production facilities, and inside dispensaries. Certain landowners of private properties allow visitors to smoke cannabis from some of Humboldt’s top crops.

The best place to stay is at Feeling Groovy on Eagle Creek Ranch, California’s first fully-fledged cannabis resort. Situated in Trinity Center on a gold rush era property it features a daily cannabis bar as well as wellness and education programs. Plan your trip around Humboldt events like the Cannifest in Eureka during April where judged glass and cannabis competitions are held as well as discussion panels and games like a growing medium pebble toss. In November the Golden Trap Awards are held in Redway that highlights greenhouse growing. At Hempfest growers and activists gather in November at the community center that was built from pot money.

The Coachella Valley

Renewed interest in cannabis has revitalized some of the hot spring hotels of the region and those aging, mid-century resorts popular with leathery sun lovers and Europeans in the past. Areas like Desert Hot Springs, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and Cathedral City are booming with large grow facilities, high-end dispensaries, and cannabis-friendly resorts that belie their sun-bleached, barren surroundings. Resorts like the O Resort & Spa, Desert Hot Springs Inn, and Living Waters Spa offer guests a place by the pool where they can vape and smoke outside as smoking is not allowed in the rooms. Find more Cannabis news by visiting ganjatimes.fr

Hicksville Pines

In the San Jacinto Mountains, just an hour’s drive from Palm Springs lies a cluster of colorful chalets called Hicksville Pines. No smoking is allowed inside the cottages but one of the chalets, decorated stoner style, has an in-room vaporizer available.

Plan your trip around high-end cannabis-inspired outdoor dinner events held near Joshua Tree and hosted by High Dining with well-crafted menus including pot-infused fare.

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How to find the best restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area

How to find the best restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area
Known for its Iconic Golden Gate Bridge, appealing Victorian properties and its year-round foggy weather, San Francisco Bay area is the perfect place to have a good time.

The city is also home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Whether you love Asian foods, exotic meals, fast food and more, the assortment of restaurants in the area is amazing. The following are some tips for you to consider:


Ask around

You might have to ask around for tips on the best restaurants in the area. In particular, you may have to consult with locals or any individual who is conversant with the local eating spots. Ensure that you probe for all the high-quality restaurants and if possible write them down on a notebook. If you have a Smartphone, you can type in the location and use your GPS to locate the restaurant.

Use the internet

Best restaurants today can be easily found online. For this reason, ensure that you also conduct the search process online. In this way, you can be able to find the best restaurants in San Francisco. Even more, there are various websites online that provide information on these top eating spots. Draft down a list of some of your preferred ones, and visit each of them to determine whether they have high-quality foods.

Check in local listings and publications

view of the golden gate bridgeAnother good recommendation would be to check for the best restaurants in publications and local listings. This includes any local magazines, billboards, newspapers and more. Most high-end eating spots will often post their services in such listings to reach to their clients. Once you come across such a post, ensure that you list down the basic information such as contact and addresses.

Tour the city

Consider taking a cab around the city and search for good restaurants yourself. While the city covers a large area, it won’t take long before you can find some good eating spots. Even more, the cab prices are also reasonable, and it’s a convenient mode of transport.

Top restaurants

Here are some of the top restaurants for you to consider:

Fog Harbor Fish House

This a local pier 39 restaurant that provides the perfect waterfront eating experience. Enjoy top class views of the San Francisco Bay area and the Golden bride as you enjoy your meals. Their roster includes meats and seafood-based meals.

Kokkari Estiatorio

This downtown restaurant has been a local favorite for many years. Their menus mainly comprise of meats, vegetables, cuisines and more. The area also has a unique Greek-inspired design and an ultra chic dining area filled with fashionable crowds. Even more, they have some best natural juices and smoothies available in the San Francisco Bay area.


In summary, San Francisco Bay area is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Gaining access to a good restaurant is simple, and you only need to conduct some basic research. This way, you can enjoy the best meals in the city while simultaneously having a good time.


San Francisco City Discovery

San Francisco city, the City by the Bay, is home to outstanding experiences even for individuals with diverse cultures. It features spectacular views, unique attractions, activities, and warm and welcoming native people. It is because of its outstanding features and atmosphere that it has been nicknamed “The Paris of the West,” “Fog City” as well as “The city that knows how.” The city is full of fun activities, fun natives, as well as comes with a memorable and rich history. This city has gained popularity as a tourist destination. Visit the parks, take a cruise, or see the famous Golden Gate Bridge, there is so much to explore and expand on your adventure as you unlock the mysteries of the city.


Alcatraz Prison IslandSan Francisco city comes with a rich history that is captivating. The city has captured its history and preserved it in a welcoming way to share it with visitors. To meet this purpose, it features outstanding and state of the art museums and an Exploratorium. These have gathered the rich history of the city and put it under a roof for visitors to understand what the city has offered and sacrificed since time memorial. With the advancement in technology, the city has been able to preserve its monuments as well as its culture in an effort to mark their background.


Located on the west coast of the United States, its terrain is diverse and varied. On one end, the hills cannot go unmentioned whereas the other end is covered with water. It is also surrounded by Islands such as the Alcatraz, Treasure Island, Yerba Buena Island. There are also surrounding islands that touch the city but are not a part of the city. It offers memorable images through photography with its diverse geography and landscape. The beauty of its geography is natural with green vegetation. The main town is also not just about buildings. The waters offer much more than a sightseeing venture.

Art and Culture

san-francisco-piersThe natives of the city are warm and welcoming to visitors. San Francisco diversity in their music, film, as well as culture. These have played a key role in branding the city across the globe. Conserving these features are museums, festival, as well as musicals. The infrastructure is second to none and one can easily distinguish the style and structure of their architecture. One critical factor to take note of is the streets capes, which contribute to positioning the city as the second most walkable cities for both visitors and the locals. The nightlife is active portraying the fun side of the city.

For all art lovers, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is holding to some great pieces of art. With its expansion, there is bound to be more reason to portray the art of the city. Sports are part of the culture, and if you are into baseball and American football, you will love AT & T Park and Levi’s Stadium. Also, accommodation comes with the cultural architecture with a touch of technological innovation.


The city’s climate is characterized by moist, mild winters and dry summers, so there is nothing to top visitors from visiting all years round. The changes are mild, and this provides different activities. The Pacific Ocean’s cool currents play a major role in dictating the climate. The variations in climate are at the minimal across the year. This type of climate makes it ideal for taking part is several activities across the city and provides for an excellent view with some of the most amazing reflections from the sun.

San Francisco City is seeking to redefine travel and leisure. With several activities going on in the town, it is recommended that you exploit all the possible opportunities. The city has a rich history; the climate is mostly accommodative through the year with slight changes but still great for tourists. It is diverse, and there is just enough for something no matter what your needs, likes, and preferences. Even for the locals or international visitors, there is always something to make your stay worthwhile. It is not limiting to the cuisines and overall welcome of visitors by locals, but it extends to the accommodation package they offer. Travel by  train systems and feast your eyes on the very best of San Francisco.