the snowy mountains in NSW

New South Wales Australia in an Incredible Destination


Sydney is known as the largest city in Australia and regularly is mistaken as the capital of the red continent. It is the most famous city in Australia thanks to its outstanding icons such as the bridge of the Bay of Sydney (Sydney Harbour Bridge) and the Opera House.

South Coast

Here you will certainly find more than 30 across the country parks, aquatic reserves, culture browse and an abundant Aboriginal history. From Sydney South to the border with Victoria, develop a series of bays beside villages with a fascinating history and outdoors markets. Not losing out on the dolphins, migrating whales, seals and other water life.

Snowy Mountains

The green and clear snow-capped mountains are the greatest in Australia with a vehicle is possible to visit this natural reserve which is the house of the most magnificent mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko, and other parks like the Wadbilliga, Deua and Namadgi.

North Coast

From the central coast north of Sydney to the Queensland border, is the most considerable area of subtropical forests along with mountains and volcanoes. Many beaches where to browse, and see whales and dolphins influence artists, authors and music from all over Australia.

Amazing Lord Howe island

Lord Howe Island

The Lord Howe Island is located in the Tasman Sea, less than 2 hours flight from Sydney or Brisbane. This island, thus many others in Australia, lies in the World Heritage list and is a perfect location for those seeking to unwind considered that merely 400 visitors permitted each day.


This region is valued for its historical value considering that been aboriginal settlements in it countless years back. It is here where they discovered the remains of the ‘Mungo Auhombre’ Au, more than 40 thousand years and according to some theories, the earliest ancestor of guy.