Nine tips to get upgraded at the hotel

There’s no guarantee you’ll get an upgrade, but there are still some things that may give you a chance to get more for your money, when traveling.

Here is a list of tips to help you get upgraded.

Before booking

– Book a new hotel. As all hotels try to build a loyal customer base, new hotels sometimes tend to outperform their first customers in the hope that they will be tempted to return or share their experience with their loved ones.

– Be loyal. Try to be a loyal customer to an establishment or, at least, to a chain. Become a member of its loyalty program and don’t forget to mention your number when booking. Once there, do not hesitate to assert your membership status. If the hotel has no frequent flyer program, point out when booking that this is your second or third visit, even if the hotel keeps track of previous stays.

– Book in the right way. Some intermediaries promise an upgrade or a particular benefit (free lunch, welcome drink, etc.) if they make the reservation. If not, it is better to book directly with the establishment. The latter will be more likely to offer you an upgrade if he or she does not need to pay a percentage to an intermediary.

– Talk about it. If you have a good presence on social networks, don’t hesitate, even before you arrive, to share your excitement about your upcoming stay by identifying the hotel in your publication. You never know!

Once at the hotel

– Be polite. An arrogant customer or one who believes that everything is due to him or her can say goodbye to his or her chances of being upgraded once he or she gets to the hotel. Politeness does not always pay, but it is the basis for any attempt to upgrade.

– Register at the right time. Would some hours be more favorable to an upgrade than others? Considering that the hotel reception often experiences a high level of check-in traffic between 4:45 pm and 6 pm, it is better to arrive just before but not too early. If you come too early, the number of rooms already ready may be limited, so you are unlikely to be upgraded. If you arrive late at night, the hotel will already allocate the majority of rooms.

– An occasion to celebrate? A birthday, a honeymoon, a wedding anniversary… Feel free to mention the particular reason for your visit when booking.

– Opt for discretion. When you arrive at the hotel, be discreet if you request an upgrade. The staff certainly does not want to comply with your request and that all the other customers waiting behind you ask for the same thing afterward.

– Ask to see other rooms. If you enter your room and you are not satisfied, go back to the reception immediately to let them know (politely, of course) of your disappointment and ask to see other rooms available. The staff may be able to accommodate you to satisfy you.